When you choose me to do your portraits, I devote myself to working with you to create classic artwork that you’ll enjoy for years to come. As a full-service photographer, I offer the highest quality prints, canvases, and albums – and a very personal touch from beginning to end. It all starts with a phone consultation.


Let’s talk! During our phone consultation, we’ll discuss your vision for the session and what you hope to end up with. Where do you want to do the shoot? Are you a beach person or a backyard person? Do you want a large canvas of your whole family to hang on the wall? A selection of 8x10 prints to give away as gifts? Maybe you’d rather have a lot of images included in a custom-made album. You may not know all the answers yet, but we’ll start the decision-making process here. Knowing what you might want will help me tailor the session to your individual needs.


Most photo sessions last 45 minutes to an hour on location. For families and individuals, that's usually enough time to get all the shots we need. For little ones with short attention spans, an hour might even be too long. I won’t keep shooting beyond anyone’s comfort level. If you want to incorporate clothing changes or multiple locations, that's fine! There's no extra charge for a longer session. 

If we’re shooting outdoors (in the sun), the best time is during the “golden hour” right before sunset. If we’re shooting in a shady area like a park, or downtown between some tall buildings, we can get started earlier.

The location is up to you, but I’m happy to make suggestions. The beach can make a beautiful and timeless backdrop for your photos, but it’s not without its issues. The humidity and salt air can do a number on your makeup, and the strong breezes aren’t very kind to hairdos. The calmer setting of a neighborhood park or nature center offers a nice alternative, and sometimes your own back (or front) yard is great for that personal touch.


Great question! Generally, subtle is best. You and/or your family should be the center of attention, not your wardrobe. Avoid bold stripes, super-bright colors, patterns or graphic tees, and unless you’re going for the total matching-outfits look, choose colors from the same family rather than trying to match exactly. I’ll send you more suggestions once we’ve got your session on the calendar.


Within a week to ten days after the shoot, I’ll do a preliminary edit on your photos and then get in touch to schedule a convenient time to meet up for the ordering session. We can do it at your place or mine, whichever you prefer. I’ll show you all the images, along with samples of the prints and canvas products I offer. We’ll discuss what size prints and/or canvases would work best in your home, and I’ll help you match up the right images with the right products. I’ll even show you samples of photo books and albums. We’ll work through the numbers and I’ll take your order right there, and you can even pay on the spot with your credit card. The whole process usually takes about 90 minutes, but I’ll stay as long as long as it takes to help you make decisions you’re comfortable with.


Do you want some digital images to share on social media, or to keep on your phone? I’ve got you covered. With every print you purchase during the ordering session, I will include a low-resolution digital version of that image at no extra charge. The images have a small watermark (my logo) in one corner, but it’s pretty unobtrusive and my clients love them. 

If you’re used to getting only digital images with your sessions and being left on your own to print them yourself, you will probably appreciate my full-service approach and the products I will help you select. But you may be dedicated archivist. You’re diligent about backing up your files locally and to the cloud. Or maybe you’re a creative type. You’re comfortable with re-sizing and cropping images and want to create your own custom photo book or upload them to your favorite printing site. In either case, you want high-resolution digital images, and I do offer streamlined sessions that include them. Please contact me for pricing and details.