Class of 2019 Senior Portraits

Senior portrait sessions are some of my favorites. The seniors are on board and into it, and the moms are all about capturing those memories before their sons or daughters head off to college. Here are some of my favorites from the past year.

(Click on any photo below to see it larger.)


Dalton is a talented and busy musician who often fronts for players twice his age. We split his shoot into two sessions: one during a gig at Whiskey Jax, and one downtown where we found some cool and colorful spots.



I’ve known John and his family for a quite a few years and photographed both his brother and sister when they were seniors. He’s going to UNF next year, so it made sense to do his session at the UNF Nature Center, one of my favorite spots.



Hannah’s dad and I used to work together, and it seems like yesterday that I photographed her Bat Mitzvah. She’s headed to FSU to pursue a major in musical theater, and she’s got the talent to do extremely well. Her only requirement for senior portraits was that we didn’t have any of her standing next to a tree. No problem! How about some fountains and brick walls? San Marco was our choice.



Every year I have some seniors that don’t need an entire photo session, but decide to go with a studio headshot or two. These are great because (a) you can use the images for a lot of things; and (2) we don’t have to worry about the weather. No blazing sun to make you sweat; no humidity to frizz up your hair! Hannah chose a white brick background for her portrait.


Jacksonville senior portrait photography